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David Baker - Broker BSM Properties

David Baker

Broker | X Team co-founder

Carl Storey - BSM Properties

Carl D. Storey

Principal Broker | CPM, CSM

Alan McDonald - BSM Properties TN

Allen McDonald

Broker | CCIM

Brande Benson - BSM Properties TN

Brande Benson

Broker | ICSC Member

Felissa Daugherty CPM - Baker Storey McDonald Properties

Felissa Daugherty


Thomas Frye - Broker BSM Properties

Thomas W. Frye


Michael Galpin - BSM Properties real estate

Michael Galpin

Broker | X-Team Member

Sheldon Griffin - BSM Properties TN

Sheldon Griffin

Broker | Vice President

Lance Johnson CPM - Baker Storey McDonald Properties

Lance Johnson


Lloyd Montgomery - Principal Broker BSM Properties

Lloyd L. Montgomery

Principal Broker | CLS

Matthew Reed - BSM Properties Real Estate

Matthew Reed

CCIM | X-Team Member

Charles Warner - BSM Properties TN

Charles D. G. Warner

Vice President | Principal Broker